Calvary Littleton

DNA Discipleship Groups

DNA Discipleship Groups

At Calvary Littleton, our mission is to make joyful, passionate disciples of Jesus. A disciple of Jesus is a follower of Jesus, who knows and loves Jesus, is growing to become more and more like Jesus, lives in community with other followers of Jesus, and is going to show and tell other people the good news of Jesus. The primary way that we seek to grow in relationship with other disciples of Jesus is through our DNA Discipleship Groups. 


What Are DNA Discipleship Groups?

DNA groups are places where followers of Jesus grow together in life-on-life relationship and learn how to help others do the same. We believe that every follower of Jesus has been entrusted with the amazing mission of being discipled and making disciples.  DNA groups are  gender-based groups of 2-4 people that meet regularly to share life, read and apply God's Word, fight sin, encourage, challenge, love and pray for each other.

DNA Groups are a key way in which people mature at  Calvary. These groups enable us to minister to each other by pouring our lives into one another.  Jesus intentionally helped his first disciples grow by spending time with them in a real relationship and by teaching them to obey everything he commanded. He then sent them out to do the same thing with others. In our DNA Groups, we seek to do ministry like Jesus and make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples. Please review our Discipleship Info Sheet and contact the office or one of the pastors to learn more about getting connected to a DNA group today!"